Best Indoor Playground Vaughan

State of the Art PlaySpace!

With state of the art facilities being built specifically with FUN in mind, this play space is like no other in Ontario! From slides and mazes, to mirrors and tubes, The Wreck’n Ball will quickly become a premier destination for all you party needs. You’ve never seen FUN like this before.

Crazy Laser Maze!

With the newest technologies in Laser Mazes, The Wreck’n Ball has it all. Kids of all ages will be amazed by how much fun they can have!

Climb-Tastic Rock Wall!

Who says education can’t be fun!¬†Kids acquire all kinds of positive skills with climbing exercises. Because climbing requires a combination of creative thinking and physical output, less athletic kids often do fantastic. Your kids will love it!

High Grade Arcade!

With many amazing games to choose from, The Wreck’n Ball is fully equipped with all of the favourites. Just another amazing option to provide hours and hours of fun! It’s so good you might think it’s virtual reality.